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About Lockstep IT

Lockstep IT was launched back in 2011 in London (United Kingdom) to offer companies affordable and none complex IT infrastructure services. Our services are craved by forward thinking companies and not afraid to make a change and move away for the old dinosaurs and “business as usual” in order cut costs and get where they want to be in timely manner and cost effective.

We offer IT services to businesses across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Nowadays many organisations depend largely on its IT infrastructure for delivering services to customers, employees, suppliers etc. and this is where Lockstep IT steps-in to ensure high availability of these services 24/7.

In Europe we are becoming a single point of contact for most of the IT requirements, by having a single point for your entire IT requirements removes the headache and burdens associated with managing multiple contracts and this allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business without worrying about IT systems.

Today, Lockstep IT is rescuing companies worldwide from complex and expensive IT services and related products.

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Lockstep IT offers wide range of IT services ranging from designing, planning and building-out of modern IT infrastructures, data management and tailored services to suite your requirements. Our global team of project managers, consultants, architects, and engineers are ready to help you overcome those inherent IT challenges.

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